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Asia Insurance (PHILIPPINES) Corp. (AIPC) is committed to protect and secure the integrity of your personal information. This Data Privacy Notice explains how we at AIPC collect, process, use and protect your Personal Data as we conduct our business to serve your needs, in compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. All throughout this Data Privacy Notice, AIPC is also referred to as “we”, “us” or “our”. AIPC is committed to protect not only the information of our individual clients but also that of our corporate accounts.

  • 1. Service Description

    AIPC is a member of the Asian Insurance International Group and offers non-life insurance products for Property, Motor Vehicle, Marine Cargo, Surety, Engineering, Liability, Accident and Health, as well as other insurance products.

  • 2. Personal Information that are Collected

    The Information / Data we collect depends on the nature of insurance coverage / service you require. For Individual Clients, AIPC collects the following data:
    • Personal information - Name, address (residence & office), contact details (mobile & landline phone numbers, email address), birth date, gender, civil status, citizenship, personal details (TIN, SSS, GSIS, Unified Multi-Purpose ID, Driver’s License or Passport, etc…
    • Employment details - Employer’s name, address & contact details, status / position held, remuneration & other benefits)
    • Sources of funds
    • Signatures on standard AIPC forms
    • Proofs of ownership, location & description of property intended to be insured with AIPC or used as collateral
    • Family members’ information, only when applicable

    For Corporate Clients, AIPC collects the following data:
    • Company information (name, address, contact details, nature of business, affiliations, corporate groupings), company details (TIN, SSS, VAT, etc…)
    • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
    • Financial Data (financial statements / income statements, bank account details, assets)
    • Information on principal stockholders, partners, directors, principal officers
    • Number of employees with corresponding designation or position
    • Name of Authorized Representative, position in the Company & personal information (contact details & financial data)
    • Signatures on standard AIPC forms
    • Proof of ownership, location and description of property to be insured or used as collateral AIPC may, in the conduct of its business, collect additional data as required or permitted/ authorized by law such as the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001 (Republic Act No. 9160).

  • 3. Collection Method

    AIPC collects your data through our standard Application & Proposal or Claim Forms (either online / digital or hard / physical copy), via direct phone calls or emails, our Agents and Brokers, from other Insurance Companies, Claims Adjusters / Evaluators, and other authorized Service Providers / Third Parties involved in conducting our transactions with you.

  • 4. Method of Use - Why do we collect your personal or corporate information

    AIPC collects your data as provided for under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 in order to:
    • Understand your insurance needs and enable us to offer and provide the appropriate protection solution to address your exposure;
    • Process/underwrite any application for coverage to ensure prompt and proper documentation which includes the actual property inspection by our accredited service providers as well as securing reinsurance support through our accredited Reinsurance Brokers;
    • Provide you with appropriate servicing and related support;
    • Conduct data analytics and further research to enhance client servicing;
    • Inform you about our new products as well as other updates and important advisories;
    • Expedite processing and settlement of claims which includes investigation, assessment and evaluation;

    • Comply with statutory and regulatory requirements and directives from relevant government regulatory/supervisory offices or agencies, judicial and quasi-judicial courts or agencies and law enforcement agencies or jurisdictions, Including but not limited to the provisions of Republic Act 9160 (Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001, as amended AMLA) and the implementation of Know Your Customer and sanction screening checks.

  • 5. Third Party Transfer

    When you provide the data which enables AIPC to respond to your requests, you agree and consent to our collection, use and disclosure of these data to appropriate third parties such as, but not limited to Reinsurance Brokers, Reinsurance Companies, other Insurance Companies, Claims Adjusters / Evaluators and Property Appraisers, other authorized Service Providers / Third Parties, servicing Banks, Government Agencies such as but not limited to the Insurance Commission, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Securities and Exchange Commission, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, for the purposes herein described.

  • 6. Security, Storage and Transmission of Personal Information

    AIPC is committed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your personal data by applying appropriate security measures technically and organizationally to ensure there is no unauthorized access, use and disclosure of your data. All collected data are securely stored in our data base and records. AIPC applies the same security measures for all data gathered from its suppliers, job applicants and hired employees.

  • 7. Retention Period of Your Personal Information

    The personal data we collect are kept for the duration of your policy/ies with us and as may be applicable for AIPC suppliers, job applicants and employees or until the expiration of the retention limit, as provided for by law(s) and other regulations.

  • 8. Participation of Data Subject

    AIPC will respect your request related to your personal data in accordance with any applicable law(s) and subject to the limitations imposed by the Data Privacy Act of 2012. You are entitled to the following privacy rights:
    8.1 The right to be informed on whether your personal information shall be, are being or have been used. AIPC can provide you the general information about how we process your personal information, including the data we collect from you, the purpose of collection, and other relevant information related to your data;
    8.2 The right to object, withdraw, or edit your consent to the processing of your personal information upon discovery and substantial proof that the personal data are incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, used for unauthorized purposes, or are no longer necessary for the purposes which they were collected. By exercising this, we will not process your personal information unless required by law and as needed to carry out our services to you;
    8.3 The right to access and obtain a copy of your personal information in physical or electronic format. This is subject to a request and approval process by sending a written request to us or you may directly call our Marketing Department;
    8.4 The right to request to correct your data if you think there are inaccuracies or errors in your personal information by contacting us through our contact information below;
    8.5 Upon discovery and substantial proof provided on the Data Privacy Act of 2012, you can suspend, withdraw, or order the blocking, removal, or destruction of your personal information from our processing system;
    8.6 The right to file a complaint with the National Privacy Commission (NPC) if your personal information has been inappropriately used, disclosed, disposed of improperly, or if any of your rights as a Data Subject have been violated.

  • 9. Updates or changes to our Privacy Notice

    AIPC may, as the need arises, change, modify and update this Privacy Notice to reflect changes in the implementing guidelines or regulatory requirements by the National Privacy Commission.

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